The Yankees will never be the same again. Is that melodramatic? Perhaps, although I've never been lauded for my calm and sunny disposition.  Growing up I was the girl not with movie and tv stars papering her bedroom walls, but instead with a very, very large poster of the 'next generation' of all-stars, all of whom are now retired.  When I think back over the last 20 years of Derek Jeter's career, I remember the moments - the game-winning homerun during game 4 of the 2001 World Series; the epic seat dive catch against the Red Sox in 2004; the flip pass during the 2001 ALDS; and of course, his last at-bat at Yankee Stadium which won the game. But more than just his moments - I remember my moments: dates at the stadium with my first boyfriend, being taken out of school by my dad (and later calling out of work) to go to each and every opening day; changing in the bathroom of my cousin's wedding and leaving early to head to a playoff game; and so many more that this post may venture into embarrassing territory (if it is not there already).  So as we say goodbye to a legend, it does feel like I need to say thank you, of course for an amazing stretch of wins and unbelievable plays, but also for having a small part in some of my favorite memories.  #Re2pect. - SR