Everyone has a summer playlist that they listen to, but when you work in the travel industry, a good travel playlist is essential.  When I'm not reading or binge-watching shows on Netflix, I'm usually passing the time on the plane or train by listening to my old-school iPod (an antique now that Apple recently took them off the shelf; RIP).

Raised by huge Rolling Stones and Beatles fans (my middle name is Jude if that tells you anything), my iPod playlists range widely from pop to Broadway showtunes to country and classic rock.  Having grown up with a musical background and gone on to study it in college, music has always been a big passion of mine.  I relish the moments while traveling of having nothing to do except sitting back, relaxing and listening to some good tunes.

Below are some of my personal favorites and suggestions for your next trip, whether it's a fall road trip, business trip or vacation. - DB

Devyn's Travel Playlist