I hate to shop.  I know among my kind (and by that I mean females), this is tantamount to heresy, like not liking chocolate or never having watched Sex and the City (which I have corrected, somewhat, thanks to old reruns but I digress).  

The point is, well, there is no point.  I simply don’t like the process.  Or the time it takes.  And I especially do not like the inevitable welling of anxiety that comes when I need to make a decision.  I may have a very definitive point of view when it comes to strategy but straight leg vs. boot cut?  Fuhgettaboutit!  I need help and I found it thanks to the divine styling pros at Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix is the first fashion retailer to blend expert styling, proprietary technology and unique product to deliver a shopping experience that is truly personalized.  This is what they say.  I say Stitch Fix is easy and convenient.  Best of all, I was delighted when my box arrived.  Packaged beautifully, it contained five pieces that someone else chose (probably without fretting and wondering what else she could be doing and it is a she, my personal stylist is Erin) that I absolutely loved, including black ponte (I have no idea what that means) pants that look and feel great.

And for you haters out there, they are not a client.  I get nothing from this endorsement except the joy of knowing I’ve helped a girl out and the 25% I get off my next order if you use this referral code: http://stitchfix.com/sign_up?referrer_id=3936652 .

Enjoy.  Nothing to bitch about this Stitch.  -CD