How marvelous it is to feel brave.  Everyone, especially women, particularly women - should know and relish this feeling of understanding your value, preparing and then taking a chance.

When I was a young college grad, I dismissed any plans I may have had to go to law school.  Nearly thirty years later, this decision is still met with some consternation from my mother but the situation did require a creative response to “what next?”  And so I asked.  I reached out to every Rutgers alum who I thought was doing something interesting and asked if I might meet with them. Many were so gracious with their time and it was on one of these meetings that I met Jim and Barbara Furey, who ran (and still do) a media company with ties to the Caribbean, and the course of my life changed.

The research is clear: women too often don’t ask… for the corner office, for a raise, for what they really want, but not the women of Decker Royal.  At its heart, this is precisely what “Something to Pitch About” is well, about.  Here, we’re going to ask, confront, have fun and contemplate those things that are on our minds, even if they’re not particularly polite, especially if they’re not polite.  Because, like the perfect pitch, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.  - CD