"This is what you spent our life savings on?" These were the very words uttered by my mother upon viewing, for the first time, the run-down White Plains, NY appliance store that my father would later turn into a successful business. 

An illness precipitated his leap of faith many years ago with its launch constructed in a Yonkers, NY apartment, not by business strategists and communication specialists, but rather with friends and family stuffing thousands upon thousands of new business announcements.  A digital roll-out didn't exist at the time and there were limited funds for advertising outside our stamp and envelope campaign and my father's relationships in the industry.  And yet within just a few short years, it thrived.

More than 20 years later, I now stand at the start of a new venture myself. This time its launch was crafted in NYC, and yes, clearly there were communication specialists strategizing its roll-out, but at its heart, it was a leap of faith supported by family and friends.  As the daughter of small-business owners, hard-work was never an option, it was a given.  And while I likely won’t be able to pass on my last name to those that come next (which, let’s be honest, is really a shame for them), I will be able to pass on a family legacy of another kind: an entrepreneurial spirit and of course our most well-known trait, a big mouth.  

And with that sentiment in mind, here's to hoping this new start follows my parents' path to success; here's to a Royal repeat. - SR